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Pollo Campero is a Guatemalan fast-food restaurant chain whose main specialty is chicken. You can easily find Pollo Campero restaurants all over Guatemala.


Pollo Campero was founded in 1971 in Guatemala by the Gutierrez family and it continues to be a family business. Campero began its franchise business expansion in 1992 throughout the Central American region. In 2002, Pollo Campero opened its first location in the U.S. in Los Angeles. Pollo Campero International headquarters today are located in Dallas, Texas.

List of countries where Pollo Campero is present, besides Guate: El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Spain, Bahrain, the United States, and Italy. The chain has over 350 locations, including more than 70 in the United States.

Guatemalans who remember this restaurant chain from its early days will honestly tell you that quality of the food deteriorated somewhat and the prices went up. Still, Pollo Campero has its determined fans in Guatemala which is not surprising if you know that chicken is pretty much favored by Chapines of all generations.

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Pollo Campero | Guatexplorer


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