Market days in the Guatemalan highlands

MarketMany visitors often ask where are traditional markets, and on which days they can see and participate in events like that. Every town in Guatemala has its day of market, and here we give you weekly schedule to most of them.

What can you expect there?

First of all - a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Then, a lot of handicrafts, a majority of whom is not intended for a tourist market, but for the locals. In some towns you will notice also specialized vendors - i.e. some markets have special pets section. Besides usual noisy market atmosphere, you can expect also to discover small eateries where you can taste local dishes. Keep in mind that none of the Guatemalan markets is staged for the tourists; it is a splendid way to peek into the normal life of the people.


La Antigua Guatemala, Chimaltenango, Santa Barbara, San Juan Atitán, Zunil.


Acatenango, Comalapa, Chajul, El Tejar, Olintepeque, Patzun, Salcaja, San Andres Semetabaj, San Antonio Ilotenango, San Lucas Tolimán, San Marcos, San Pedro Jocopilas, Totonicapán, Yepocapa.


Almolonga, Chimaltenango, Colotenango, Cotzal, Huehuetenango, Momostenango, Palestina de Los Altos, Patzicía, Sacapulas, San Sebastián.


Aguacatan, La Antigua Guatemala, Chichicastenango, Chimaltenango, El Tejar, Jacaltenango, La Libertad, Nebaj, Panajachel, Patulul, Patzite, Patzún, Sacapulas, San Juan Atitan, San Luis Jilotepeque, San Mateo Ixtatán, San Miguel Ixtahuacan, San Pedro Necta, San Pedro Pinula, San Pedro Sacatepequez, San Rafael la Independencia, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz del Quiche, Soloma, Tajumulco, Tecpán, Totonicapán, Uspatán, Zacualpa.


Chajul, Chimaltenango, Jocotenango, San Francisco el Alto, San Andres Itzapa, San Lucas Tolimán, Santiago Atitlán, Sololá, Tacaná.


La Antigua Guatemala, Almolonga, Colotenango, Cotzal, Ixchiguan, Malacatan, Nenton, Palestina de los Altos, Patzicía, Santa Clara la Laguna, Santa Cruz del Quiche, Sumpango, Todos Santos, Totonicapán, Yepocapa.


Acatenango, Aguacatán, Cantel, Chichicastenango, Chimaltenango, Cuilco, Huehuetanango, Jacaltenango, Joyabaj, La Libertad, Malacatancito, Momostenango, Nebaj, Nahualá, Ostuncalco, Patzite, Nentón, Panajachel, Parramos, Patzun, Sacapulas, San Bartolo, San Carlos Sija, San Cristóbal Totonicapán, San Juan Comalapa, San Luis Jilotepeque, San Martín Jilotepeque, San Mateo Ixtahuacán, San Pedro Necta, San Pedro Sacatepequez, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz del Quiche, Santa Eulalia, Sibilia, Soloma, Sumpango, Tacana, Tecpán, Tejar, Tucuru, Uspatan, Yepocapa, Zacualpa.


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