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Best of Guate | Gallo beerCervecería Centro Americana S. A. is the official name of the largest Guatemalan brewery. It was founded in 1886 by brothers Mariano y Rafael Castillo Córdova. The backbone of all the assortment of products produced here in Guatemala City is Gallo beer. The popular rooster became a national symbol that you will encounter during your visit to Guatemala almost everywhere.


Gallo beer is a pale lager. Drinking it you’ll no doubt notice that it is bitter way above the average for this kind of beer. Its critics often say that it is nothing more than mediocre lager and that even in the Guatemalan market there are many better beers. But, hey, don’t be so hard on this part of Guatemalan pride. In the USA Gallo is marketed under the name “Famosa”.

Among many other beer labels produced by the Cerveceria, you’ll find much better time with Cabro Reserva, also a pale lager beer. “The goat” tastes better, it is a very drinkable beer that is loved by expats in Guatemala. Other products include Dorada family of beers, Monte Carlo, Sol, Victoria, Bohemia, Tecate and Carta Blanca (some of them being Guatemalan version of Mexican beers).

For a beer fan that knows what he wants may be the best choice when in Guate would be Moza. This black beer (bock or Dunkel beer) provides much more taste and aftertaste and that is why many beer experts say that it is the best product of the mentioned brewery.

Important information is that in Guatemala, for almost ten years now, beer wars are going on. Cerveceria has to fight for a beer market with Am Bev Central America whose family of Brahva beers is attacking the market with low prices and enormous quantities of their products. This beer war is so strong and even chaotic that you can sometimes get a small beer can in the store for mere 0.25 $. Unfortunately, that is not the war for quality, since all those mass-produced beers get very lousy ratings on the beer rating websites.

So, what to do if you’re a beer expert in Guatemala? Lately, there are many microbreweries that market their products locally, so you can give it a try. Or, go to some of the big stores and enjoy a wide array of imported products that include, believe it or not, even Russian Baltika beers.

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Best of Guate | Gallo Beer


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