El Portalito - cult bar of the capital

elportalito02El Portalito is a traditional bar in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

The bar opened in the 1940s and is located in the Pasaje Rubio, on the sixth avenue just near to the Main Plaza. The bar is noted for its wood furnishings and traditional marimba music during the evenings. The specialties of the bar are pigeons in sherry, and light, dark, or mixed beers.

But, there is more of the fame; it is said that in the early fifties, El Portalito was a favorite place of Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, known under the nickname “Che”. As he stayed near, in a guesthouse La Meza, he was able to walk to El Portalito and meet with other students and intellectuals of that time. He was just one of the famous guests here, that include Nobel Prize writer Miguel Angel Asturias.

Today El Portalito maintains its fame and you can meet very interesting people here. The only concession to the 21st century were huge flat screens above the bar that continuously show football matches.

El Portalito


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