• Earthquakes in Guatemala

    QuakeYou have to be aware that Guatemala is located in a tectonically very active part of the world. Strong earthquakes did and will happen here. Explanations and details about causes of this I leave to scientists. Here I will try to give you best “what to do” advice I can.

  • Natural dangers in Guate: spiders & insects

    Violin spiderHow dangerous is to spend some time in Guatemalan nature; forests, hills, lakes? Are there any dangers in houses? Here is just a part of advices and facts, most deadly animal of Guatemala (and I think most deadly world animal) is not mentioned – mosquito. That is for another article on natural dangers…

  • Volcanoes of Guatemala

    VolcanoGuatemala is located at the junction of the North American and Cocos tectonic plates. The subduction zone lies off the west, Pacific coast of Guatemala. The Sierra Madre stretches from the Mexican border south to Guatemala. The mountain chain contains steep volcanic cones, including Tajumulco Volcano (4,220 m), the highest point in Central America.


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